Tuition with Explore Learning. Beeston

04 December 2019 at 00:00

Maths and English Tuition in Beeston Nottinghamshire

Tuition for Children at Explore Learning, Beeston.

Explore Learning in Beeston provides a unique and personalised approach to maths and English tuition and provide weekly sessions on Creative Writing and 11 Plus Preparation.

Their Maths and English Tuition works alongside the National Curriculum and work is tailored to every child’s individual needs. Children may need to build on their strengths, increase in confidence or work on their development areas, at all times tutors are able to support their learners closely.

"Since 2001, we have helped over 250,000 children aged 4 to 14 to achieve their potential. We get to know every child as an individual, giving them the space to unlock their imagination and discover the magic of learning. We are unwavering in our mission to develop a generation of fearless learners. Children who could be confident in the classroom, brave in exams and fearless in school and beyond."

The Explore Tuition Centre in Beeston is open 7 days a week and they offer a range of sessions including:

Maths and English - Whatever stage your child is at, their maths and English tuition that can really make a difference. Their tailored approach provides support children of all abilities.

11 Plus and Entrance Exams - This course is open to all. There isn't a pre-test and they welcome any child with the ambition and drive to go to grammar school or an independent school. The 11 plus course runs twice a week and includes access to their online resource, where they can practise exam-style questions any time they want.

Members do not need to book sessions in advance and can attend on any day. Maths and English tuition sessions are approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes long.

"Everyone remembers that person that inspired them, a teacher, a friend, a family member. Someone that changed how they saw things and helped them to see their potential. Our staff create those light bulb moments every day, inspiring children for life. They are the heart of our company and what makes us unique…”

View here to book a free trial, see their session plan, opening times and to find out more about Explore Learning in Beeston.