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Do you find it time-consuming finding the perfect club or class to match your child’s personality?

Would you like more inspiration to pull off an exciting and memorable birthday Party?

Are you a busy working parent that finds looking for fun, trustworthy childcare during the holidays a little stressful?

Are you keen to find an activity you can enjoy with your children where they can develop confidence and social skills?

If so, then you’re in the right place…

I came up with the idea for After School Kid when my eldest, Isaac was just 18 months. At the time, I had a full time job and with a partner working away from home, my time was fully stretched!

Looking to the future, I imagined isaac at school and wondered what kind of hobbies and interests he might have. I started to search for out of school and ‘after school’ clubs, classes and activites in Nottingham for three-year olds and above. I also searched for holiday clubs, workshops and stuff we could enjoy doing together and with his younger brother.

I’d pick up leaflets and magazines around town, and at playgroups I went to with Issac, but ended up losing them or putting them aside and finding them after the date of the event. Online, I found myself moving from one website to the next, making notes, then losing them too!

What I’d hoped would be a fun task was becoming a chore. I needed a helpful, attractive and user-friendly website that provided me with the essential details about local businesses and what they had to offer. One that had personality, and more importantly, let me see the businesses’ personalities.

So I decided to create one..

We are a brand new Nottingham based website, dedicated to promoting local providers to local parents. We aim to bring you a wide variety of choice, from picking the perfect dance, drama, sports or craft class for your children, organsing a spectacular party to finding a fab workshop you can enjoy together.

We’ve lots of ideas for the future and we hope you’ll join us on our journey. Though most of all, we hope you love what you see, and find something fun and exciting to do.

Back to you again!

We’d love to hear your views and feedback, Would you like to see more information on a particular area? Do you have ideas for future categories? If so, then please get in touch!